9 Things To Know About the XXIII Winter Games…

In conjunction with her article in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Art & Society, Sandra Rossetti Mitchell offers some trivia about the XXIII Winter Games.

Caterpillar Diesels Take the Gold in 1952

"...these men, who built yellow iron by day, were some of the world’s greatest basketball players by night…"

40 Leaders Under Forty: Fun Facts

Reading through the bios of our new class of 40 Leaders Under Forty, one might think they are all work and no play. Nothing could be further from the truth!

What Would You Bring To Greater Peoria?

As Greater Peoria faces challenges on multiple fronts, any changes that lie ahead ought to be embraced as opportunities for positive transformation. What would you bring to the area if you could?

Leaders, Legends & Inspiration

We recently received a pair of heartwarming messages acknowledging the impact of two of our Local Legends, and the inspiration they have given to the next generation.

The Circus in Central Illinois

Peoria has been a favorite destination for circuses for more than 160 years. Arriving by wagon, then steamboat and finally by railroad and truck, hundreds of circuses large and small have come and gone.

Seven Surprising Reindeer Facts

Not only are reindeer real, live creatures... you can visit them right here in central Illinois! In fact, there are a pair of reindeer farms within easy driving distance of the Peoria area.

The View from On High

Back in July, I ended up on top of Commerce Bank's tower in downtown Peoria in search of a shot... a vertical shot.

AR & VR in the latest iBi

In this month’s issue of iBi, we focus on the world of high technology… where augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are transforming a range of industries.

Who We Are & What We Do...

What is it that we do? Why magazines? What's our digital reach? Check out Peoria Magazines' 2018 Media Guide for information on advertising, special events and other partnership opportunities...

Farm to Table in Peoria

This movement celebrating locally grown foods and farmers continues to grow here in central Illinois.