From Vaudeville Grandeur to… Parking Lot

It was Peoria’s "vaudeville palace"—one of the city’s big four vaudeville houses at the peak of the vaudeville era—but its reign lasted a mere 16 years. News clippings, old advertisements and stories of the Orpheum Theatre…

A Segregated Theater

Hollywood star William Holden pushed Galesburg's Orpheum Theatre to make its first steps towards desegregation.

Meet the Cast of Healthy Soil Characters

Here in the Prairie State, our rich soils have made us the nation’s third largest producer of agricultural commodities.

Building Peoria… One Project at a Time

Peoria Magazines spoke with Build Peoria’s president, Nick Yates, about the new Duryea Dog Park in Peoria Heights and the organization's plans for 2018.

On AppsCo: Q&A with Chris Coplan

AppsCo is not just an afterschool initiative—it’s a full-blown not-for-profit company that doubles as a fully integrated business learning experience for students in Peoria Public Schools.

Here We Come A-Wassailing

Ring in the New Year with these festive historic recipes!

Skating and Sledding in Old Peoria

From "the vast fields of ice on Peoria lakes" and sledding on Spring Street Hill to the 1980 opening of Owens Center...

Chef's Notes: Recipes from the Past

From Carbonnade Flamande to Baked Endive, create meals from centuries past in your own kitchen.

And More Peoria-lympics Trivia...

10 Olympic athletes born in Peoria, figure skater Matt Savoie, and more on the Tug of War at the 1904 Olympics!

9 Things To Know About the XXIII Winter Games…

In conjunction with her article in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Art & Society, Sandra Rossetti Mitchell offers some trivia about the XXIII Winter Games.

Caterpillar Diesels Take the Gold in 1952

"...these men, who built yellow iron by day, were some of the world’s greatest basketball players by night…"

40 Leaders Under Forty: Fun Facts

Reading through the bios of our new class of 40 Leaders Under Forty, one might think they are all work and no play. Nothing could be further from the truth!