iBi - January 2019

by Ross Miller, Institute for Innovation Through Collaboration at Bradley University
Photos/art by Duane Zehr and Sarah Dukes

Collaboration among groups and across disciplines aims to create a substantial impact around the region.

A Web of Regional Innovation

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

Welcome to 2019—and what better way to ring in the new year than with an issue dedicated to innovation!

A Center of Innovation Activity

by Chris Setti
Greater Peoria Economic Development Council

The new Peoria Innovation Hub will continue the tradition of great innovation in our region and help us shape our future.

Building the Autonomous Ecosystem

by Eng Seng Loh, PhD

A platform for autonomous mobility technology testing and research will create a new economic growth driver for Greater Peoria.

The Next Wireless Revolution

by Randon Gettys
Greater Peoria Economic Development Council

5G represents a revolution in technologies that will alter the human experience.

Innovation in the Internet of Things

by Jeff Muniz
Caterpillar Global Power Solutions Division

Caterpillar’s work and advancements in the digital space has drawn the attention of industry leaders.







Ranking Innovation Locally

According to a recent study, Peoria ranks 22nd among the most innovative cities in the United States.

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