iBi - June 2018

by Jonathan Wright
Photography by Kelli Drake

There is no single formula for the perfect workplace; instead, there are many ways to get there. iBi went behind the scenes at four area companies, attempting to reverse-engineer the secrets of their success. Here’s what we discovered.

The Ever-Changing Workplace

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

This month we delve into the continuously changing workplace, highlighting a range of issues from organizational culture and alternative work arrangements to lighting technologies and the open-office layout.

The Workplace Matters

by Donna Pritchard
Lincoln Office

If one’s physical surroundings shape behavior and attitudes, then the workplace can be leveraged to change employees’ experiences at work.







Cats About Town

by Beth Weimer

Through Cats About Town (CAT), businesses can foster a shelter cat in the office for varying lengths of time to give them more affection and expose them to possible adopters. 

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