iBi - March 2017

by Liz Scoville and Jonathan Wright

An ongoing community conversation provides an opening to acknowledge and address racial disparities in our region.

Staying in the Room with Difference

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

The acute divisions we see in our country today are harmful to our collective national ideal—one that seeks to lift all of our neighbors up, whatever our differences.

Crossing the Difference Divide

by Jim Henderson
The No Joke Project

Three practices to build bridges across difference… and find new ways to think about old problems.

An Inside Look at the Newest Smithsonian Museum

In February, Museum Specialist Mary Elliott visited Peoria for the Caterpillar Visitors Center’s Black History Month Celebration and provided an inside look at the museum, its intended story and its impact on visitors.

A Values-Centered Model for Inclusion

by Kristen Puchek
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Changes in the workforce and society have transformed the talent landscape, making inclusion a true business imperative. 

Beyond Tolerance: Leaving Your Comfort Zone

by Dr. Lori Russell-Chapin
Resource Management Services, Inc.

Opening our hearts to diversity is not always easy, but there is much to be gained from breaking out of the mold.

Good Neighbors: Serving the Vulnerable

by Jenna Hague, Ginger Kruiswyk and Jennifer Towery

The Peoria Good Neighbor Team seeks to provide refugees with basic relief items, support and shelter.







Breaking the Filter Bubble

Have you noticed your Google searches becoming more personalized. This is no accident, as sophisticated computer algorithms have transformed the way information is disseminated, tailoring the internet experience for each unique user.

Shake Your Shyness and Shine!

by Edith Barnard
Barnard Communications

Fighting to overcome your shyness in a business situation? An invaluable tool is already as close as your own face.

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