The New Peorians

Drawn by industry, land and the promise of community, they left their native lands in search of work, religious and political freedom, and a better life for their families. They became The New Peorians. This WTVP series takes a look at the three major immigrant groups who found their way to central Illinois, embraced this land of opportunity and helped shape a new society.

  • The New Peorians: The Germans shows how Peoria’s largest immigrant population prospered through their art of brewing beer—establishing breweries and distilleries that served the nation and creating landmarks and businesses that are still around today.
  • The New Peorians: The Irish tells how this hard-working and colorful people impacted community service, politics, entertainment and the church in their new homeland, while preserving their unique cultural traditions.
  • The New Peorians: The Lebanese features family members sharing tales of their ancestors and how they established themselves in central Illinois, while always maintaining their culture's strong traditions of family, honor and respect.

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