iBi - February 2016

by Brian "Fox" Ellis

This historic artifact, rediscovered in a box at the Smithsonian, holds within it an array of fascinating tales.  

The Old Drive-In Theatre

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

Consider this era of Instagram and Snapchat, and ask: Will important stories and photographs someday evaporate, never to be seen by the next generation? 







Presidential Visits

Once considered a bellwether of heartland politics, Peoria has hosted numerous presidential visits over the years. And the top 10 presidential visits to the River City are…

In Living Color

A courtroom in Beardstown where Abraham Lincoln once practiced law was recently captured in 3D for digital preservation.

Also in this Issue...

Moving to the Warehouse District... Resources for Research... The Buzz About Beekeeping... CEO Kryptonite... A Restless Life (And Death)...

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