iBi - September 2015

by Stevie Zvereva
Photography by David Vernon

If you’re from Peoria, chances are you know a Sullivan. You can tell them by the values instilled by their late Irish-Catholic mother: a strong work ethic, an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to giving back.

Startups and Mainstays

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

Year after year, we enjoy highlighting successful area businesses—those that have made a commitment to the Peoria area, whose leaders give of their time and talents to further its progress.

Movin’ with the Times

by Maegan C.M. Gilliland

Through wars, depressions, natural disasters and radical change, Kelly Seed keeps the focus on its customers.

Risk Brings Reward

by Maegan C.M. Gilliland

As Pekin Life Insurance celebrates its golden anniversary, it’s poised to become an even bigger name in the industry.

The Original “Farm-to-Table”

by Cody Mitzelfelt

For more than eight decades, Yordy Turkey Farm has prided itself on producing the highest-quality, freshest turkeys around.

Gourmet Eats and Homemade Sweets

by Stevie Zvereva

A husband-and-wife shop and catering business in the East Bluff brings “comfort food done well” to Peoria’s hungry lunch crowd.

Family-Owned… Famous for Deals

by Heather Swick

Whether you're looking to buy groceries, new flooring or a self-propelled golf cart, this one-stop-shop has it all.

Where Art Meets Industry

by Cody Mitzelfelt

Technicraft has built its reputation on high-quality printing, graphics, fine art and displays.

Meet Me At Theo’s

by Norman V. Kelly

On the memories of youth, and a hardworking family who kept their business alive…

From Hobbyists to Entrepreneurs

by Cody Mitzelfelt

Peoria Brewing Company’s lineup of locally-made craft beers has brought new choices to the River City.







One-Up: Small Business

The perfect pitch... What is LINC?... The Greater Peoria Economic Development Council... Tourism impact

A Legacy of Community Leadership

The Peoria Historical Society has selected the Junior League of Peoria as the recipient of the 2015 Henri de Tonti Award for Outstanding Principled Community Leadership.

Also in this Issue...

Arrival of Windows 10... Trends in Business Matchmaking... It's 5:00 Somewhere... Sustainability Leadership... Five [at] 55... Startup in a Day

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