iBi - March 2014

by Jonathan Wright
with additional research by Bridget Baker

The rise of a new digital currency is only the latest step in the virtualization of money, and whether or not it gains traction, it’s clear the future of your wallet lies in the cloud.

What the Heck Is Bitcoin?

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

Bitcoin, huh? Even after reading the lead article in this issue, I still don’t quite understand what it is or how it works...

Business Survival After the Tornado

by Ken Klotz
Turner Center for Entrepreneurship at Bradley University

Numerous financing options exist for businesses that have suffered loss of revenue caused by a disaster.

Understanding Your Credit Score

by Cathy S. Butler
The Butler/Luthy Group

It’s important to know your score, what factors affect it, and how you can keep it in good standing.

Do You Live in Fear of an IRS Audit?

by Rick Rodgers, CFP

It’s becoming increasingly evident that the greater your total income, the more you’ll attract the agency’s attention






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