iBi - June 2014

by Leah M. Abel
photography by David Vernon

For years, popular opinion has dictated that to be successful in science, technology or startup ventures, one must relocate to Silicon Valley. Today, the next great business idea can come from anywhere.

A Thriving Local Community

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

Startups are special in part because they are located right here in our communities.

Q&A With Steve Zika

Having spent time in Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas, the Peoria native has experienced firsthand the startup culture that is now beginning to blossom here.

A Blueprint for Business Success

by Ken Klotz
Turner Center of Entrepreneurship at Bradley University

The Business Model Canvas offers a great way to think through the critical elements of a business venture.

Employment Laws

by Kimberly A. Sarff
Quinn, Johnston, Henderson, Pretorius & Cerulo

Learning the basic employment laws applicable to your business is a wise investment for even the smallest companies.

Entrepreneurs and Angels

by Kip McCoy & Stan Lynall
Central Illinois Angels

The desire to work closely with entrepreneurs is a key piece of the post-investment equation.

Linking Entrepreneurial Resources

Thomas O'Neill III, Peoria County Board

Developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem has been a major focus of Peoria County’s economic development efforts.

Millennials and Entrepreneurs

Mary Pille, Junior Achievement of Central Illinois

Millennials are beginning to seek out entrepreneurial avenues to turn their niche-interest hobbies into businesses.

So, You Want to Be Your Own Boss!

by Sharon Amdall

Enthusiasm and great ideas are good starting points, but entrepreneurs need more than that to start a successful business.







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