iBi - March 2013

Preparing the Regional Workforce

by Karen McDonald and Catharine Schaidle

Training, education and a shift in perception may be just what it takes to fill the talent gap in the local workforce. Preparing the regional workforce in central Illinois is a key component of the strategy being developed through the new economic development project known as Focus Forward CI.

A Workforce Whirlwind

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

As the FFCI initiative has developed over the last nine months, enhancement of the regional workforce has risen to the top of its priorities.

Power Shift

by Gabrielle Balzell

Today’s minority groups will together comprise the majority of the U.S. population before 2050, putting an end to white male dominance in the workplace, and significantly altering every aspect of the American workforce.

Changing Demographics And the Four B's of Immigration

by Richard C. Longworth
The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Three big changes have put the American immigration debate, which has been stalled for years, back into high gear. And the implications for the Midwest and immigrant-dependent regions like central Illinois will be huge.

FFCI: A Progress Report

by Frank Knott
ViTAL Economy

Under the leadership of the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, we launched the region’s first asset-based, goal-driven Community Economic Development (CED) strategy last summer.

A Hand in Our Own Destiny

by Rep. Mike Unes

Since the FFCI effort began less than a year ago, it’s been encouraging to see how many people have stepped up to contribute. 

A Golden Opportunity

Doug Parsons

Across the country, the need for highly-skilled manufacturing workers is greater than ever, yet fewer individuals are getting the training required to fill these open positions through a “traditional” education.

Workforce Planning

Mary Pille - Employers' Association

The strategic plan is your road map to the future success of the organization. So, assuming your strategic plan isn’t sitting on a shelf collecting dust, what have you done about your “people plan” to support reaching your business goals?

Embracing Today's Retirees!

by Kenny Carrigan

With billions of dollars at stake, Greater Peoria needs to embrace this growing population.

Attracting the “Y” Generation

by Dorene Burkhalter
Paramount Potentials

Collaboration and creativity are key to attracting and retaining the workforce of the future.

The Value of a Great Workforce

by Glen Birnbaum
Heinold-Banwart Ltd.

An organization’s workforce is arguably the greatest asset of any organization. As our economy becomes more dependent on human capital, understanding how to create and maintain a solid workforce is increasingly vital.

Interpersonal Effectiveness in the Workplace

by Bill Blundell
The Antioch Group

As we move forward in the world of technology (smartphones, tablets, social media), it appears that we humans are losing touch with the art of face-to-face communication. 

Turning to the Past to Build Tomorrow’s Workforce

by Becky Brown

Skills gap. Worker shortage. Shrinking labor force. Whatever you call it, it’s no surprise to anyone leading a business today that finding properly educated and trained employees can be a struggle.

Understanding Older Generations at Work

by Jennifer FitzPatrick

Frequently, workers in this age group are characterized as inflexible, slower and reluctant to evolve with technology. But most employers find that today’s older workers challenge these stereotypes and can be real assets.






Generation: Stressed!

by Gabrielle Balzell

I’m stressed. You’re stressed. We’re all stressed! But who’s the most stressed out of all? The American Psychological Association says it’s the millennials.

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