iBi - March 2012

Wellness In Greater Peoria

by Stevie Sigan

Addressing rising healthcare costs and risk factors will require a collaborative, community-wide approach from policymakers, health providers, public organizations and the business community—employers are a large part of the solution.

Publisher's Note

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

For years, we’ve known about the many dysfunctions of our nation’s fragmented healthcare system. Much of the impetus behind federal healthcare reform was to address some of these problems in order to better coordinate care.

Patient Health Records United

by Joy Duling
Central Illinois Health Information Exchange

A new nonprofit organization headquartered in Peoria celebrated its grand opening on January 26, 2012. Its goal: to change the practice of medical records exchange as we know it.

A Door Opens to a Bright Future

by Bill Leaver
Iowa Health System

The environment in which healthcare organizations operate is changing. I believe it is changing for the better. With the help of Methodist Medical Center, I want to be a part of that positive change in central Illinois.

Improving Health, Healthcare And Economic Health

by Dr. Gail Amundson
Quality Quest for Health of Illinois

Say that “healthcare costs too much” and you will see heads nodding in agreement. But getting a handle on just what to do to rein in costs is extremely difficult.

Healthcare’s Secret Sauce

Dr. Gail Amundson, Quality Quest for Health

There is a “secret sauce” that makes healthcare better. It can be applied liberally, at very little cost, and it always makes a difference.


by Tim Wyman
The Wyman Group

Rarely has there been a social program as politically charged as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010. 

Wellness Council Making Great Strides

by Stacy DeJaynes
Central Illinois Wellness Council

What began as a six sigma project has evolved into a council with a mission: “To build a healthy central Illinois through partnership and action.”

A Patient-Centered Focus

Paul Macek, Proctor Hospital

A new kind of patient experience will emerge at Proctor Hospital in 2012.

eICU and You

Keith Steffen, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

OSF HealthCare System is embarking on another first in cutting-edge medicine for central Illinois.





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