iBi - January 2012

An Isle of Creativity & Innovation

by Jonathan Wright
Photography by David Vernon

From mobile learning solutions to deep interactive experiences, The Iona Group and its sister company, Float Mobile Learning, stand on the cutting edge of the creative process.

Publisher's Note

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

Do we control technology, or does it control us? With the ubiquity of mobile, we’re taking our technology with us everywhere we go.

Q&A With Lance Lelm

Heart Technologies, Inc. is a technology solutions provider servicing the telephony, network, security, fire, video and infrastructure disciplines. As CEO and president, Lance Lelm leads a workforce of approximately 70 employees, with offices in East Peoria and Decatur. 

A New Decade for Peoria NEXT

By Lisa Ullenius & Renee Charles

Today, the organization moves into the next five years with a new leader at the helm, Grant Brewen, Ph.D, who also heads the Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation.

A Tablet Revolution

by Amy Chovan

Tablets are enhancing the retail experience, enabling nonverbal children to communicate, and allowing prospective students to get a better view of a college campus. In fact, there seem to be few industries in which the iPad has not taken hold. 

Selling Project Management to Your Organization

by Joe Kraft
Pearl Technology

One question that inevitably arises whenever a project manager is brought into a group for the first time is, “Won’t this add time and cost to the project?”

2012: The Year of Mobility And Connectivity

by Scott Stevens
Clifton Gunderson LLP

No form of communication seems to be tied down anymore, except for the brief time when digital devices need their batteries recharged.






Voice Your Success!

by Edith Barnard

Voice image is one of the most vital, pervasive, meaningful and controlling factors in our lives.

Grow Up Great

PNC provided the funding in support of Grow Up Great, its bilingual program in early childhood education.

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