iBi - November 2011

Leadership Lessons

by Dr. Larry Weinzimmer
Bradley University

Being a great leader isn’t exclusively about making the “right” decision; often times, it is about how to proactively avoid making the “wrong” decision.

40 Leaders Under Forty

40 Leaders Under Forty

One for the Ages

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

Overcoming the fear of failure is one of the most important lessons for any leader. Perhaps the greatest exemplification of leadership is the ability to learn from our mistakes.

Leadership Charisma

by Dave Goranson
Goranson Consulting, Inc.

There are many opinions on the topic of leadership and charisma—more than I can count, it seems.

Leadership = Passion

by Michael Fricke
Cover, Shay & Evans, LLP

People want to follow leaders who believe in their mission with their whole heart and soul.

Challenging Tomorrow’s Leaders

by Karen Cotton
Illinois American Water

A leadership program at one area company helps to identify and develop the leaders of tomorrow, today.

Do the Right Thing

by Joseph B. VanFleet
VanFleet Law Offices

To determine the most effective type of leadership, we must first attempt to define the term.

Effective Bipartisan Leadership

by Brad McMillan
Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service, Bradley University

It is essential for leaders on both sides to work together in search of common ground.

Bring the Passion

Paul Macek, Proctor Hospital

Leadership without passion is nothing more than a hollow promise.

Lead By Example

by Sarah Stabler and Renee Charles
Young Professionals Organization of Greater Peoria

Leadership isn’t something you should keep to yourself.

Leadership Makes an Economy Strong

by Ally Krebeck
EDC for Central Illinois

it is important to maintain a strong community with leaders that are dedicated to economic success, growth and expansion.






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