iBi - January 2010

Best Practices in Workforce Diversity

by Rita Ali
Illinois Central College

Today’s organizations are beginning to understand the power of diversity, all the way down to the bottom line. Numerous studies have shown how valuing diversity in the workplace has led to higher profits and greater business success. Despite the current economic downturn, many organizations have kept their diversity programs intact or increased their funding, a clear sign that companies are experiencing direct payoffs from their investments in diversity.

Publisher's Note

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

It’s a simple truism that organizations should strive for diversity in their ranks. It has long been accepted—and supported by many studies over the years—that a variety of backgrounds and points of view helps organizations improve problem solving and become more competitive.

Recruiting a Diverse Workforce

by Jen Shriber
Farnsworth Group, Inc.

Today, most employers understand that having a diverse workforce is an advantage. Having been in the recruiting industry for over 10 years and working for direct employers and agencies, I have always built my recruiting strategy to attract diversity.

Role Models: An Excerpt

In Spring 2010, Illinois Central College will release its second book in the African American Success Series, Role Models: Profiles of Successful African American Entrepreneurs in Peoria, Illinois. The book features 60 local African American entrepreneurs successfully doing business in a variety of industries. What follows are two excerpts from the forthcoming book.


A Partnership for Opportunity

Thomas O'Neill III, Peoria County Board

The MBE Committee's mission is to create an environment that stimulates greater participation from all parts of the community with particular emphasis on new and minority-owned businesses.

Recognizing the Value of a Diverse Workforce

Mary Pille - Employers' Association

A welcoming and diverse workplace where all employees feel empowered and supported in their career goals is the best way to attract quality employees—and the best way to keep them.

Camp Korean Village Lioness' Gather Intel

by Lance Cpl. Melissa Latty
2nd Marine Logistics Group

Female Marines from Combat Logistics Battalion 7, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward), have been participating in civil affairs missions with the Civil Affairs Group 10, 2nd Marine Division in various cities surrounding Camp Korean Village, Iraq.

Getting Mad and Getting Even

by Gloria Castillo
Chicago United

Unleveled playing fields and a lack of access are maddening realities that have impacted livelihoods and entrepreneurial endeavors for generations.

Economic Diversity Drives Job Growth

Kyle Ham, Peoria NEXT

Diversity is often mistaken for a purely social and moral issue, but this viewpoint neglects to account for a much larger truth. Diversity in the workforce must be recognized as a competitive edge and a business opportunity, especially in today’s globally influenced economy.

Opening the Gates to Diversity in Education

by Lorene King
University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria

One might think that access to higher education in 2009 is limited only by a student’s grades, determination and ability to piece together funds, grants and scholarships to pay tuition and book expenses. Think again!

The Right Path Isn’t Always the Easiest

by Mayor Rusty Dunn
City of Pekin

Probably very few of us would deliberately bring forth an issue that many would consider uncomfortable, controversial or even stressful to discuss.







Score Big at MGeorge Sports

by Amy Chovan

What started as a childhood hobby has blossomed into a sports memorabilia and autograph business for Matt George, who also serves as executive director of the Cancer Center for Healthy Living.

Homegrown Apps

The team at Appitudez saw the growing apps market as an opportunity for new business growth.

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