iBi - November 2008

40 Leaders Under Forty

Progress in a community is driven by the strong leadership of individuals—it is the foundation upon which we build. Every November, InterBusiness Issues dedicates an entire issue to the young leaders in central Illinois—our most outstanding 40 Leaders Under Forty.

40 Leaders Under Forty

40 Leaders Under Forty

Celebrate Extraordinary Leadership

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi

Read over the many accomplishments of the class of 2008—marvel at how much they have done already—and just imagine what lies ahead.

40 Leaders Under Forty Help Power Peoria

Mayor Jim Ardis - City of Peoria

Like a lot of you, I’ve had the good fortune to live in Peoria all my life, and we’ve been blessed with many initiatives extolling the virtues of volunteer community participation over the years.

The First 100 Days - Success or Derailment?

Mary Pille - Employers' Association

“He has great technical skills, but can’t seem to motivate the team without burning people out.”

“She is a great person, but I don’t think she has what it takes to succeed at high levels in this organization.”







What's Your Favorite?

As part of a lighthearted survey of our 40 Leaders Under Forty, we asked them to list a few of their favorite websites.

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