iBi - August 2008

Restructuring Manual High School

by Amy Groh
Peoria’s Manual High School will begin a new chapter this fall, implementing the first steps in a major restructuring process as required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Creativity and the Community College

Dr. John Erwin - Illinois Central College

The American educational crisis is every bit as threatening economically in the long term as the gas crisis is in the short term.

Promise Being Fulfilled

by Scott Elger
Peoria Promise Board of Directors
It is the hope and intent of the Peoria Promise Foundation that the Promise of a two-year degree at ICC—and the hope and opportunity that comes along with it—will help address many outcomes related to economic development.

Keeping Up With Careers

by Cheryl Fliege
Illinois Central College
When business talks, Illinois Central College listens. Through conversations with industry executives and opinion leaders, ICC has been making changes to meet their needs.

Making High School Relevant for a New Century

Bashir Ali - Central Illinois Workforce Network
If you were given the task of designing a high school to prepare young people to compete in a 21st-century global knowledge and innovation economy, how would it look?

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow…Or Not?

by Joshua T. Waite
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Current tax laws provide great education savings incentives, but how long will they last?

Eureka College

by Brian Sajko
Eureka College
How does one become a winner in business? Listen to the customer. That is what Eureka College has done since its founding in 1855.








by Emily Zulz
A relatively new concept, exergaming brings the world of physical activity to the generally sedentary pastime of video gaming.

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