InterBusiness Issues - August 2007


Publisher's Note

Jan Wright, Publisher, iBi
An anniversary is a time of reflection—to look back at past successes and failures and more importantly, to look forward to the future.

Proposed Legislation Could Change Union Organizing

Kim Clarke Maisch
National Federation of Independent Business
One of the main tenets of being a small business owner is being in charge - having the freedom to run a business without answering to anyone. In a union environment, many of those freedoms are taken away or hampered.

Also in this issue...

Credit Scores: The Silent Killer

Larry C. Nelson
KCB Information Services
It may seem that your life, or at least your lifestyle, is decided by a three-digit score from 350 to 850.

The Landscape of Change

Julie Drake
Jewel Technology Services, Inc.
If there is one thing that is inevitable it is CHANGE. And change is exactly what consumers face with regard to both telephone services and telephone equipment.


Patrick Kirchhofer - Peoria County Farm Bureau
Dr. Robert Zinser, Zinser Chiropractic Clinics
Mayor Jim Ardis - City of Peoria
William Prather, Peoria County Board
Dr. John Throop, The Summit Group
Doug Whitley, Illinois Chamber of Commerce
Lois Hamilton Ph.D., Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing
Vickie Clark - The Heartland Partnership
Mary Pille, Employers' Association
Greg Dickerson, Iron Mountain
Scott Elger, Robert W. Baird & Co.
Keith Sommer, Illinois State Representative
Mike Waight, IMEC
Michael Davis - IWIRC Corp.
Congressman Ray LaHood - U.S. Congress
Michael Stephan, Heart of Illinois United Way
David Smith, Manpower Professional
Brent Lonteen, Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

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