art & society - sep/oct 2014

by Stevie Zvereva - Photography by Skyler Edwards

When Earl Power Murphy decided to buy the old Hale Memorial Church at Main and High Street, he had big dreams. After seeing the potential of the indoor space—and meeting a girl—a grand scheme emerged.

Fired Up For the Fall

Jan Wright, Publisher, art & society

Autumn is always a popular time for special events, and that’s certainly no different this year!

Connecting the Body, Mind and Spirit

by Annie Locke

While fitness-based yoga classes can be found at just about any gym, Heading OM Yoga offers a range of unique practices and holistic health classes to complement anyone’s routine.

Follow That Horse... Shoe!

by Stevie Zvereva

Like many great things in life, horseshoes are ironic: they may kill you, but you haven’t lived until you’ve tried one. Art & Society blazes a horseshoe trail in the city of its birth...

The Minister's Daughter

by Norman V. Kelly

Meet Edith Barnard: award-winning speaker, musician and coach with a passion for helping people find their voice.

Fit For A Queen

A Cook's Tour of Kitchens

This year’s tour of local kitchens features string trios, food prepared by a renowned chef, and even a castle!

Riding The Waves

by Chuck Hollis

Surfing crystal-clear waters around the world…

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