art & society - nov/dec 2013

by Jonathan Wright - Photo by Greg Balzell

Though precious little remains of the land that drew Tonti, La Salle and other explorers to Peoria more than 300 years ago, at least one natural wonder still stands tall.

What’s Old is New Again

Jan Wright
Jan Wright, Publisher, art & society

Old memories can be very comforting, especially at this time of the year, and this issue brings with it a bit of history and nostalgia.

Whiskey in the Blood

by Lori Beckham

Once known as the “Whiskey Capital of the World,” Peoria’s distilling past is about to make a comeback.

A Penchant for Vintage

by Gabrielle Balzell

Just off the beaten path of the Peoria riverfront, take a step back in time…

3-2-1: Join in the Fun!

by Lori Beckham

Ring in the new year—a few hours early—at Julie K’s fourth annual Noon Year’s Celebration!

Gourmet Vacay

A Weekend in the Big Easy
by Teri Cook

Some cities are for relaxing and others for shopping, but my dear ol’ New Orleans, she is for dining.

Take 10

Deb Opyd

A lover of vintage oddities and all things curious, Deb Opyd has a knack for finding the unusual and interesting.

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