art & society - Sep/Oct 2010

Giving Life to History

A Tour of the Bishop’s Home
by Amy Chovan
Photography by Nellie Gould

Sweeping staircases on either side of the entrance make visitors and passersby keenly aware of one of Peoria’s oldest homes. Predating the Civil War, the residence of the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, located at 607 N.E. Madison Avenue, is a sight to behold.

Publisher's Note

A Story Inside Each of Us
Jan Wright, Publisher, art & society

There are thousands of hidden stories in the central Illinois community; finding and telling those stories is what we do.

Excerpts from…What’s That Bus Doing On the Runway?

The Antics and Absurdities of a Life on the Road
by David Hoffman

In his 13 years traveling with the great Ray Charles, David Hoffman experienced many things, from the hilarious to the poignant, from heartwarming remembrances of his friends and musical colleagues to the sublimely ridiculous difficulties of road life.

Rough Rides, Dark Corners & Hard-Boiled Cinema

by Steve Tarter
Photography courtesy of the Film Noir Foundation

Despite the passage of years—or maybe because of them—one genre of movies remains alive and well, dark and menacing, engaging one generation after another in the contemplation of what happens when things go wrong.

Get “Blown Away”

At This Year’s Fine Art Fair
by Amy Kennard
Photography courtesy of the Peoria Art Guild and Southern Illinois University

The Peoria Art Guild will showcase glass blowing with live demonstrations and unique artists.

Event Preview

Peoria Film Noir Festival 2010

The Peoria Film Noir Festival will kick off at the Peoria Public Library Lakeview Branch on October 14th and continue at the Apollo Theatre on October 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd.

Riding The New Workout Wave

by Scott Rogers
Photography by Lori Brooks

The first of its kind in Peoria, LOOP Cycling Studio is set to open at Metro Centre on September 1st.

Take 10

Nellie Gould

Few people can capture the tender emotions of life-changing moments in a still frame like Nellie Gould.

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