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Inside the Twelve Bar Lounge at Peoria Magazine's inaugural cover shoot, February 28, 2019
We've been quite busy with the launch of the new publication... but there's much more to come! Here's a quick update.


Be aware of behaviors that sabotage employee and organizational success.
Library materials can guide patrons as they assess the possibility of revitalizing historic structures.
Improving your use of eye contact can make you a more powerful communicator.

P.S. Blog


Ten things you didn't know about the personal trainer and TV personality...
Making the decision to step away from my corporate career surprised many in my circle.
Make your own vanilla extract… then enjoy a cocktail!

Central Illinois Perspective


Armed with an innovation mindset, you will be well-positioned for new opportunities.
Newcomers bring new revenue and fresh ideas to your community. Get intentional about welcoming and celebrating them.
An online tool connects students with STEM professionals who serve as student mentors.
Community Impact


By combining art and science, we can raise awareness and instill the value of water in our young customers.
Building connections and camaraderie through the arts.