Public sentiment about the First World War evolved over time, both in Peoria and around the nation.

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Getting Your Groceries: Corner Store to Superstore
From hundreds of family-owned shops to the handful of large chains today, the grocery business has never stood still.
A Chronicle of the 1866 Shaft
From its post-war dedication until its dismantling nearly a century later, The Shaft stood tall in downtown Peoria. Today, an effort is underway to restore this lost piece of history.
New in Town: Japanese American Resettlement During WWII
Former incarcerees came to Peoria with their families to pursue new opportunities and remake their lives.
Underwater Archaeology on the Illinois River
A new organization was formed to explore the Illinois River and expand public knowledge about the history of U.S. riverways.

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A longtime downtown department store is being brought into the 21st century.
A hometown sailor who made the ultimate sacrifice receives his due.
A longtime radio broadcaster, Ken Zurski has also proven himself to be a remarkable historian, storyteller and writer.

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#BehindTheScenes: #BehindTheScenes: The Tower of Voices provides a living memorial in sound to remember 40 citizen heroes who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Fugate Inc., a musical instrument manufacturer and distributor based in Morton, Illinois, constructed the polished aluminum chimes for the tower, having submitted the winning bid to the National Park Service. Read more in the latest issue of Art & Society. #BehindTheScenes: “Dallas R. Sweney wasn’t just any boy, he was our boy. The Peoria Public Library’s, that is.” Read more about Dallas Sweney—Word War I veteran, photographer, and historian—in our September “History” issue of iBi. Pictured: Images 1-4, Dallas Sweney. Images 6-10: Troop G/Battery C of the 124th Field Artillery training in Peoria and Springfield, Illinois, prior to leaving overseas to fight in World War I. It is believed that Dallas Sweney took most of the photographs that do not feature him. 📸 : courtesy of the @peoria_public_library #BehindTheScenes: Four Civil War generals are buried right here in Springdale Cemetery, but few Peorians know who they are... read more in our September issue of iBi!

Amidst the flurry of dynamic activities at the Contemporary Art Center, William Butler holds it all together.

Central Illinois Perspective
Conducting the Wind
The Tower of Voices will provide a living memorial in sound to remember 40 citizen heroes who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.
Threads of Distinction
Custom tailoring and alterations help consumers find their unique style and attain that perfect fit.
The Boudoir Experience
An intimate photography session can make any woman feel beautiful in her own skin.
Mobile Gaming and Beyond
Luke and Yvonne Rosenbohm have taken the gaming experience mobile with Game On Illinois.

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Curious? The Fine Arts Society of Peoria is here to nourish your imagination.
Meet Natalie Zelman, the 2018 Fine Art Fair's Emerging Artist...
From the city’s official cocktail to 2017’s best new restaurant in America, enjoy these NOLA-inspired flavors!

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The eagle perched atop The Shaft was a depiction of Old Abe, who appeared in many battles of the Civil War and was legendary for screaming and spreading her wings at the Confederate troops.

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