Collaboration among groups and across disciplines aims to create a substantial impact around the region.

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The Challenge of Innovating in Government
The i-team empowers its partners to create incremental changes that will have a lasting impact. 
Building the Autonomous Ecosystem
A platform for autonomous mobility technology testing and research will create a new economic growth driver for Greater Peoria.
A Center of Innovation Activity
The new Peoria Innovation Hub will continue the tradition of great innovation in our region and help us shape our future.
The Next Wireless Revolution
5G represents a revolution in technologies that will alter the human experience.
7 Technologies That Could Impact You
These technologies will soon impact your everyday life—if they’re not already.

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Peoria is in a unique position to support the nation’s AV efforts.
These technologies might sound like gimmicks, but they represent tremendous opportunities.
The use of blockchain technology on a wide scale seems inevitable.

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Enjoying the 27th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Luncheon. #BehindTheScenes “I never really know where a piece is going to take me,” says Peoria artist Elizabeth Davis. “The medium really dictates where the painting will go.” Learn more about Davis and encaustic painting in the latest #PSBlog post at Stop by our office to check out Davis’ work—all art on display is for sale to the public! #IBuyArt #BehindTheScenes Where Does Art Go For the Winter? Lynette Woelfle Steger of @sculpturewalkpeoria  talks about making public art a permanent fixture on the central Illinois landscape in the latest issue of art & society. @artspartners #BehindTheScenes: Mythili Dance Academy shares the divine art of Bharatanatyam with the community. Read more in the latest issue of Art & Society!

Through a lifetime of chasing dreams, Judy Page has given it her all... and has no regrets.

Central Illinois Perspective
Dance of the Divine
Mythili Dance Academy shares the divine art of Bharatanatyam with the community.
Raising the Barn
The Village of Goodfield welcomes the Conklin Players back to the Barn.
Where Does Art Go for the Winter?
Making public art a permanent fixture on the central Illinois landscape
Inspiring Spaces...
A new initiative at Peoria Magazines encourages the community to purchase locally-made works of art.

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A new gallery and lounge has emerged in Peoria’s Warehouse District showcasing specialty drinks and local artwork.
Ten things you didn't know about the registered dietician and certified executive chef...
A behind-the-scenes look at the Peoria Fire Department.

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Building on Layers

Peoria artist Elizabeth Davis sheds her layers to reveal her painting process. 

25 Years of 40 Leaders Under Forty

On November 27, 2018, the Peoria City Council recognized 40 Leaders Under Forty with a proclamation for its 25th anniversary. Many cities around the country now have similar programs, but Peoria’s was one of the very first.

Being Mindful

Discover the benefits of mindfulness.