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Inside the Twelve Bar Lounge at Peoria Magazine's inaugural cover shoot, February 28, 2019
We've been quite busy with the launch of the new publication... but there's much more to come! Here's a quick update.


Creative entrepreneurs are market disruptors building a better and more inclusive future.
Creative thinking is key to thriving in today’s economy, but what does it mean for your organization?

P.S. Blog


A new memoir details the thoughts and experiences of a white mother raising a black son.
Four steps to help you get started in a fitness routine
Ten things you didn't know about the talk show host and radio personality...

Central Illinois Perspective


The Arts Mean Business Fund combines economic development with investment in the arts.
The arts play an important role in developing the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
Community Impact


Local singer/songwriters hit the right notes, nabbing national acclaim in Rolling Stone.
A team of local artists have built Peoria’s only cupola furnace at Bradley University.
Procuring original art for clients' homes reinforced my philosophy that the best way to support the arts is to buy art.